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10 Ways the Media Manipulates Our Opinions

Almost thirty years ago, A. Noam Chomsky, a famous intellectual, wrote about the manipulation ways the media uses. It’s been quite some time since then, and currently, we have things like the web, Twitter, and Facebook, so the media has more ways to influence United States. unfortunately, the influence is not forever positive.

Viralcdmx will tell you concerning the strategies newsmakers use to control our consciousness.

1. Create a diversion

Create a diversion

2. Gradual strategy

Gradual strategy

3. Postponing strategy

Postponing strategy

4. Being very kind

Being very kind

5. More emotions, less thinking

©ISmuggleJewsForAppleJuice / imgur
©ISmuggleJewsForAppleJuice / imgur








6. Keeping people uninformed

Keeping people uninformed

7.  Encouraging people to like mediocre products

Encouraging people to like mediocre products

8. Making people feel guilty

Making people feel guilty

9. Knowing more about people than they know about themselves

Knowing more about people than they know about themselves

10. Exaggerate a problem

Exaggerate a problem

What is your opinion on the info in the media and viral news in social networks? Tell us what you think that.

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