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Top 10 Big Game Animals at Kruger National Park in South Africa

Cape Buffalo

1. Cape Buffalo – One of the greatest attractions for visitors to Kruger National Park in South Africa is the Cape Buffalo. This is one of the game animals for any hunter or wildlife enthusiast, and there are over twenty-five thousand of these animals in the park. The Cape Buffalo is big and impressive and is among the animals that big game hunters look for.


2. Lion – The majestic African lion has ever held an allure for big game hunters, and for people who enjoy watching wildlife. A trip to the Kruger National Park provides to find these cats in their natural habitat. Watch them listen to their roars and frolic, and hunt fills the air as you explore the park.


3. Elephant – Elephants are among the most difficult and largest animals to hunt, and watching them in their natural habitat in Kruger National Park is a scene you won’t soon forget. The park is home to nearly twelve thousand elephants, and they are a common sight on safaris.

4. Leopard – The leopard is one of the big game animals in South Africa, due to the danger, cunning, and quickness of the cat. Kruger National Park has a population of about one thousand leopards, and these cats are an unbelievable sight to watch as they run across the terrain in search of food, or utilize their speed and cunning to take down a meal.


5. Rhinoceros – Kruger National Park includes both white rhinoceros and the variety that is much rarer, and these big game animals are a must see on safari or a big game hunt. You’ll see over ten thousand of the variety and between three and four hundred rhinoceros.


6. Crocodiles – Crocodiles can be viewed as one of the deadliest animals on earth, and there are a number of these animals in the Kruger National Park. Impala the wildebeest, and food resources that are natural make the park ideal for a habitat for crocodiles.


7. Impala – Impala, has been a popular game for hunters, due to difficulty and the quickness in catching this creature. With over ninety thousand of these animals in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, sighting them is not difficult. Seeing the animal lets you fully appreciate the speed and their elegance.


8. Hippopotamus – The hippopotamus is among the creatures found anywhere, and they are not known for a sweet disposition. One of these animals can kill a crocodile, making them one of the game animals found in Kruger National Park.


9. Cheetah – The cheetah is regarded as one of the top predators and fastest animals in South Africa, and watching one run is extraordinary. There are approximately two hundred in the Kruger National Park region, and they are elusive in many cases.

Blue Wildebeest

10. Blue Wildebeest – Blue wildebeest, are seen in the Kruger National Park in large numbers. They are quite fast, and during the migration could be found in large herds traveling.

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